Who is Brenda? Born Brenda Gail in Alabama's Black Belt, Brenda was known for her "growing hands" just as her mother and grandmothers had also been known. Though a social worker by training, growing was her soul's balm. She would spend hours walking outside, barefoot, talking to her plants and teaching anyone within earshot. Her knowledge was astounding. She studied her plants, knew them by binomial nomenclatures as well as common names.


She grew beautiful nutrient-rich fruits and vegetable, and exotic plants for some dazzle dazzle. She loved to feed others with her bounty, and guests often went home with one of her homemade jams, jellies, and preserves.


She was baffled that none of her three daughters seemed interested in growing. We believe that Brenda is absolutely tickled that her middle daughter, Clarenda Gail, is now a farmer.

we grow with LOVE.

Each plant we consider for our teas is done after research and reflection; final selections are made with intention. We do not try to bombard you with a bunch of ingredients that sound fancy but rather opt for power-packed combinations that will achieve desired results. Every ingredient is grown organically with love, reverence, and only quality inputs.