Green Heffa Farms is a farm, a tea company, a natural health brand, and an educational resource.
We do a lot on our 14.84 acres.
We seek to defy stereotypes and remove barriers for others who are turning to farming for a different quality of life; who want to live good while doing good for others by growing high quality crops with an ecological consciousness. It is our mission to provide our customers with an exemplary experience while providing them to be a partner in expanding access to agriculture for underserved and underrepresented farmers.


By focusing on the 4Es™ principle of Economic mpowerment, Equity, Environment and Education, GHF will increase the number of social conscious farmers and entrepreneurs.

We seek to provide an innovative network and capacity building efforts that connects farmers to resources and enables them to streamline farm operations and prioritize growing boutique quality crops in a sustainable manner.  We  want to provide jobs to the local communities and give back philanthropically into programs and projects that benefit the underserved and underrepresented.

We seek to help maintain current minority landownership, increase equity and inclusion in agribusiness, with a focus on medicinal plants and specialty crops grown for the natural beauty and health industries. 



We will provide specialized educational training and opportunities to build capacity of small farmers and community organizations.

We will encourage farmers to use best ecological practices to protect soil health, maintain crop yields and increase arm profitability.  By having a model farm, farmers are able to see firsthand how environmental stewardship can benefit a farm's bottom line.




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