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This is where you can find what's on sale here at Green Heffa Farms. We pride ourselves on offering our customers (more like extended family) the highest quality medicinal plants and herbs that we can at the best price possible. The sales change regularly so check back often.


Our STEAMs are essentially the same as our tea blends with the addition of hemp flower. Think of the word STEAM as Same TEA Medicine = STEAM. That's it. And because legislation is what it is, it is easier for us to sell it to you as a steam than a tea. Does that make sense? No. 

Now, we could sell it to you to smoke - apparently that is fine. But that is not our lane. 


Legalese: Our steams are to be used as a beauty treatment, calming the mind while  helping to deep clean the skin –  opening pores, detoxifying impurities,  increasing blood circulation (bringing oxygenated blood to the surface of the skin), brightening your complexion, smoothing out wrinkles and hydrating the skin so that it is more supple.


And if your steam water happens to fall into your favorite mug, maybe with some lemon or honey, that is not our business. 

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