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Clarenda "Farmer Cee" Stanley is a visionary entrepreneur, farmer, herbalist, and advocate for ethical business and sustainable living. Known affectionately as "Farmer Cee," she is the founding CEO of Green Heffa Farms, a wellness brand and herb farm that celebrates the power of nature to heal and nourish. Raised on her maternal grandparents' farm, with an awarded professional background in marketing and environmental fundraising and a deep and profound respect for the Earth, Farmer Cee dedicates her life to promoting holistic health and wellness practices that honor the interconnectedness of all living things.
Beyond her work as an executive, farmer, and herbalist, Farmer Cee is also a passionate educator and community leader. Through workshops, classes, and speaking engagements, she empowers others to support their health by incorporating herbs into their wellbeing program. Farmer Cee's approach is rooted in her belief that everyone has the ability to cultivate wellness from the ground up, starting with the soil beneath their feet. Her mission is to inspire others to reconnect with the earth, embrace their innate healing abilities, and live in harmony with the natural world.

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