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Introducing EXCLUSIVITEA: Empowering Women, Enriching Lives


Elevate Your Wellbeing with Purpose


Embark on a unique herbal journey with EXCLUSIVITEA, a groundbreaking collaborative initiative of Green Heffa Farms that not only tantalizes your taste buds and enhances your wellbeing but also uplifts communities through women/women identifying growers, farmers, makers, gardeners, and entrepreneurs. EXCLUSIVITEA is not just about exclusive blends; it's a story of empowerment, sustainability, and shared success.

At the heart of EXCLUSIVITEA lies a carefully curated blend of premium herbs, each nurtured and harvested by a network of talented women/women-identifying farmers. While we will initially launch with a tea blend, we also hope to explore other herbal offerings as well.  There are several herbs that we grow here at Green Heffa Farms that we do not sell on our website or include in our existing product line because we only grow small amounts. The same is true for many of the collaborators we work with. However, the quality is top tier. So, with Farmer Cee leading curation and formulation, Green Heffa Farms will partner with other women (welcoming collaboration with all while centering farmers who identify as Black women) to create exclusive, limited herbal offerings to you. Profits from each collaboration will be shared.

The impact is exclusively limitless.


Empowering Women/Women-Identifying Farmers:


EXCLUSIVITEA is an example of our commitment to our 4Es: Economic prosperity, Equity, Environment, and Education.  Through EXCLUSIVITEA,  we help create a platform to broaden awareness of these inspiring producers and brands. Through this profit-sharing model, EXCLUSIVITEA ensures that the benefits are distributed equitably, empowering these farmers to invest in their businesses, education, healthcare, and community development.


Sustainable Sipping:


Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the empowerment of women farmers.

EXCLUSIVITEA embraces eco-friendly practices, from responsible farming techniques

to recyclable packaging. By choosing EXCLUSIVITEA, you contribute to a healthier

planet and support ethical agricultural practices.


A Symphony of Flavors:


Indulge in the rich, aromatic notes of EXCLUSIVITEA's herbal blend. Carefully crafted to deliver a harmonious symphony of flavors, our blends invites you to savor the essence of nature. Each cup is a celebration of the diverse cultural experiences and ingredients, all cultivated with care.


Join the EXCLUSIVITEA Community:


Be a part of something special – the EXCLUSIVITEA community. As you enjoy the exquisite flavors of these select offerings, you become a partner in this journey of empowerment and sustainable living. Follow our stories, share your experiences, and let's sip together toward a brighter, more inclusive future.


EXCLUSIVITEA is more than just another blend; it's a movement and a commitment to positive change. Join us in celebrating the richness of nature, the strength of women, and the joy of shared success. Indulge in EXCLUSIVITEA and make every sip count.

Exclusive Herbal Offerings.
Exclusively Limitless Impact.

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