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Our new botanical facial steam, meticulously crafted for a timeless glow, blends the finest natural ingredients to deliver a luxurious and rejuvenating experience. Each element of this blend is carefully selected for its unique benefits, working in harmony to nourish, soothe, and revitalize your skin.


Peppermint, with its invigorating aroma and cooling sensation, awakens the senses and promotes a feeling of freshness. It helps to improve circulation, delivering essential nutrients to the skin and promoting a healthy, radiant complexion.


Rosa Carolina petals add a touch of elegance to this blend, imparting a subtle floral fragrance that calms the mind and uplifts the spirit. These petals are rich in antioxidants, which help to protect the skin from environmental stressors and reduce the signs of premature aging.


Cleveland sage, the most fragrant of the sages, is known for its soothing properties, making it ideal for sensitive or irritated skin. It helps to reduce redness and inflammation, leaving your skin feeling calm and balanced.


Calendula is a powerhouse ingredient known for its healing properties. It deeply hydrates the skin, helping to restore moisture and improve elasticity. It also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, making it effective in soothing and repairing damaged skin.


Together, these botanicals create a nourishing and revitalizing facial steam that promotes healthy, luminous skin. Incorporate this botanical blend into your skincare routine to indulge in a spa-like experience at home and reveal a more radiant complexion.


Disclaimer:  Information shared on this site is for educational purposes. The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment or advice. Please consult your medical care provider before using herbal medicine, particularly if you have a known medical condition or if you are pregnant or nursing. Although we do our best to provide accurate and useful information, you are responsible to research and verify information before relying on it. We are medicinal plant and herbs farmers, herbalists, and tea blenders. We are not licensed or registered healthcare practitioners.  We are also believers in the safety and efficacy of botanical medicine.


$50.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
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