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Like our teas, our herbal steams are grown with consciousness and blended with care. We study what we grow and get to know each plant intimately. We do our best to grow with as much reverence to the land as possible, our Our herbal steam blends are packed with antioxidants and nutrients that serve many purposes all designed to benefit your wellbeing. Whether improved immune system function, reduced inflammation, libido support, decreased stress and anxiety, increased calm and sense of stability, or more - we give our best to create the best. Because we believe you deserve the best. 

How are the teas different than the steams? The only difference in each recipe is hemp flower. The steams contain hemp flower and in order to provide affordable and high quality hemp flower for our customers' wellbeing programs, we offer blends with hemp flower as steams. Because the beautiful thing about well grown herbs is that they are versatile. Our herbs encourage your optimal wellness from the inside and out. Sip. Steam. And be well. 

And if your hemp steam water happens to fall into your favorite mug, maybe with some lemon or honey, that is not our business. 

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