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Anise Hyssop Herb

Another new addition to the farm this year is Anise hyssop (Agastache foeniculum), also known commonly as licorice mint (not to be confused with licorice root, Anise, Korean licorice mint or Hyssop). I think the licorice association does this plant a disservice. I am not a fan of the traditional licorice flavor but I love me some Anise hyssop and it is one of the featured ingredients in our coffee-alternative BLACKITEA blend. I like to say this plant is all medicinal likka with no ish. Get it? Likka-ish?? Licorice??? 


Seriously though, let's talk about this plant's benefits and when it comes to Anise hyssop, this herbs has many:

It is most known as a natural cough suppressant, fever reducer, and sore throat ameliorator. It is a perfect plant partner to have on your side during cold and flu season. It is also antibacterial and can be used in your favorite salve recipe to treat minor injuries. It is also antiviral so can help with cold sores as well. It's good for a calm tummy as it supports healthy digestions and can help with gas and bloating. And the scent alone is mood-lifting.


It has a lovely lilac-lavender colored flower and is such a visual boost for any garden space. This will definitely be a mainstay here at Green Heffa Farms. 


Anise Hyssop

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