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Learn how Farmer Cee, an award-winning marketing and fundraising expert turned farmer, has been able to win government grants ranging from $10,000 to over $500,000 during Green Heffa Farm's first five years.

This course is designed to help small farmers understand and successfully apply for government grants. Government grants can provide essential funding for small farmers to improve their businesses, increase productivity, and meet their financial goals. However, the process of applying for and being awarded a grant can be complex and time-consuming. Many small farmers feel overwhelmed. In this course, participants will learn the key skills needed to write successful grant proposals and increase their chances of being awarded a grant. 

The course, which consists of five content-packed lessons and downloads,  begins by introducing the concept of government grants and the types of funding available. It will provide an overview of the benefits of securing government grants, including access to funding, resources, current and pending legislation, and technical assistance.


The course then moves on to cover the critical steps involved in securing government grants, including researching grant opportunities, building partnerships, developing a strong proposal, and submitting a competitive application. It will highlight the importance of developing a strategic plan and establishing clear goals and objectives.


Participants will learn about the various resources available to support them in securing government grants for their farming businesses, including federal agencies, state and local governments, and private foundations. They will also learn about the essential elements of a successful grant application, including the importance of a clear and concise narrative, detailed budget, and supporting documentation.


Overall, this course will provide participants with a foundational understanding of the process of securing government grants and equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare for and submit competitive grant applications. It will encourage creative thinking Participants will leave the lesson with an understanding of the critical components required for successful grant writing and the resources available to support them in securing government grants that help support their farming businesses.

ONLY $249

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