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Experience a blissful journey for your senses with our first EXCLUSIVITEA offering, an herbal tea aptly named THE HARMONY BLEND. . It is a meticulously crafted herbal combination that brings together the enchanting flavors of Peppermint, Camellia ptilophylla, Manzanita Berries, and Cleveland Sage. All flavors can stand on their own but yet, they also blend together into this perfectly harmonious tea.  But this extraordinary and unique merger is more than just a tea; it's also the perfect harmony of botanical benefits. 


Trust me, you have never had a blend like this. 


☕ Peppermint (Mentha piperita L.):


Peppermint creates the foundation for this blend,  Grown here at Green Heffa Farms,  our peppermint provides a refreshing and uplifting start to every cup. An herbal staple used traditional by countless cultures, peppermint is also linked to health benefits, including improving digestion, boosting focus, and relieving headaches. Our organically grown peppermint adds a delightful crispness to the blend and also helps to balance the boldness of the Cleveland sage. 


🌿 Cleveland sage (Salvia clevelandii),


Known also as the fragrant sage, blue sage, and Jim sage, Cleveland sage makes a bold botanical statement in this blend. Sourced from Sierra Saffron, the stunning leaves and flowers of Cleveland sage create a harmonious balance of flavors while inviting a moment of contemplation and calm. Universally, sage is used to treat digestive and inflammatory issues. Its teas have been used traditionally as an effective herb to support respiratory health and address blood circulation disturbances. *Breastfeeding and pregnant persons should not use sage. 


🍵 Cocoa Tea (Camellia ptilophylla):


Camellia ptilophylla, also called the cocoa tea plant (not to be confused with the chocolate plant Theobroma cacao), is a species of Camellia plant from Southern Asia.  We are fortunate to be able to source from Camellia Forest Nursery. Cocoa tea has insignificant levels of naturally occurring caffeine, so we do consider this tea to be lightly caffeinated. Camellia ptilophylla leaves add a layer of elegance to this blend. Revered for its delicate fragrance and smooth taste,  cocoa tea imparts a subtle floral note that dances on your palate while also being scientifically proven to be a helpful natural aid against many different ailments including obesity and cancers.


🌰 Manzanita Berry (Arctostaphylos glauca)


Manzanita is Spanish for ‘little apple’. The berries can be made into jelly, cider, and they even make a tasty elixir (made with brandy & honey). Traditional  cultures made tea with the berries to support the body during bronchial problems. You will be able to experience the burst of sweet-tart goodness with the inclusion of these handpicked Manzanita berries, also sourced from Sierra Saffron, these berries are rich in antioxidants and natural sweetness, adding a unique depth to this blend. Not to mention, they are absolutely beautiful. 


You will receive a generous 2 ounces of this decadent and herbally rich tea which will take you on a sensory journey that transcends ordinary tea. This exceptional blend of Peppermint, Cocoa Tea, Manzanita Berries, and Cleveland Sage is a testament to the artistry of nature and the dedication of those who carefully cultivate each ingredient. And it is  delicious proof of the power of women collaborating. 




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